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Welcome to Sparhawk Group

From our offices in New York City and Portland, Maine, we have driven energy efficiency into over 20,000 units of multifamily buildings, commissioned over $800 million in new construction and provided leadership in energy efficiency since 1990. 

Early in the company’s history, Sparhawk Group began with pay-for-performance energy efficiency projects delivering 3.5 megawatts of electrical power conservation at industrial, institutional, commercial and government buildings.  These projects were commissioned to ensure savings, and thus payments for performance, were realized. This grounding in energy performance and commissioning, drives our company vision to this day. 

Leadership in the industry shows in our selection to administer a $6 million US DOE grant for weatherization of 1800 multifamily units in Maine in less than 16 months.  With our partner TRC, we developed the program, qualified partners and contractors, initiated outreach, and are ahead of schedule to deliver results.  As true professionals we are growing this important industry.

We have worked in 16 states, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic and are licensed engineers in 8 states.  Entering our third decade, we build on our history to provide client value every day in the built environment.

In the News

8/22/2013: Matt Holden named to NH&RA Advisory Board: Matt Holden named to National Housing and Rehabilitation advisory board for MacArthur Foundation grant to provide energy efficiency to owners at over six locations around the country.
8/9/2013: Sparhawk Group completes commissioning of a new 47 million dollar manufacturing plant: Sparhawk Group completes commissioning of a new $47 million manufacturing plant including commissioning of FDA regulated process equipment.
5/9/2013: Sparhawk Group hired for commissioning a $33 million renovation: Sparhawk Group hired for commissioning the $33 million renovation of the Cumberland County Civic Center.